About us

We are Päivi and Miika Nylund, and we have owned and operated Ilmajoen Kestikartano since October 2012.

One of our basic principles is to make use of local as well as domestic ingredients in our cooking wherever possible. The food is served on a buffet table. Plated meals are also available for smaller groups. Our special focus is on offering great customer service and delicious food at affordable prices.

Our events are customised according to the individual customer’s needs and wishes.
At Kestikartano (built in 1878), you can hold your parties and conferences as well as dine in an authentic Finnish manor setting.

Lunch is served year-round from Monday to Friday at 10:30 a.m.–2 p.m.

Our restaurant’s seating capacity is 150, with 70 additional seats available on the terrace in the summertime. The restaurant has an alcohol licence.

A hostel is located next to the main building, offering not only accommodation but also a possible venue for conferences and parties. The hostel was built in 1935 and it has six single rooms and accommodation for fourteen people (more with additional beds). Accommodation is available year-round.



Kestikartano was originally the main building of the Ala-Anttila farmstead, which was built in 1878. In the 1920s, the farm eventually came into the ownership of the Aho family. After that, it served as a hat factory for several decades. In 1935, Aho built for himself a new residential house, which today functions as a hostel.

In 1971, Jussi Aho and his wife, Maija, opened the restaurant Jussin Kestikartano, which operated until the 1990s. After that, the farmstead became the property of the municipality, which rented its buildings to various businesses until 2006. The ownership of the property was transferred from the municipality to Lähdesmäki Invest Oy in 2008.

Since then, the buildings have been thoroughly renovated, and Ilmajoen Kestikartano started its restaurant and lodging business in June 2009.


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